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About Us

Image by Nima Sarram

Our Story

Ten years ago, if someone had told me that at 29 I would be here, in the Caribbean, managing vacation apartments, I would never have believed it.


But here I am. I am a young Italian Entrepreneur, with a degree in Cultural Economics from the magnificent city of Venice, the cradle of Italian culture.


During my years of study, I traveled and worked hard to support myself, meeting people from all corners of the world, each with their own story and life path.


My deep empathy has always prompted me to bond with people very different from me, and each encounter, one after another, has enriched me in a way I could never have imagined. That's why I chose to be a Host.


In recent years, I have worked as a copywriter and content creator in marketing agencies, developing interests in various market sectors. But I never imagined that destiny would bring me to this earthly paradise: the Dominican Republic.


I don't want to bore you with the typical words about the wonders this country has to offer. I can only tell you that after a vacation I took two years ago with my boyfriend, I was captivated. Upon our return, we made the decision to pack our bags and build our dream on the other side of the world, saying goodbye to friends and family. That was the only goal we set.



"Habitat Samaná?

And that is how Habitat Samana Apartments came into being. 


The choice of the name has great significance. Let's start with the word "Habitat", which means "environment conducive to one's inclinations or tastes". As for my partners and me, we both come from different backgrounds and experiences, but we have found our own habitat, a place that makes us feel at home and gives us the opportunity to bring new ideas and projects forward. It is similar to the whales that return to Samanà from Canada every year, from mid-January to the end of March, for their courtship and mating rituals, giving birth to a new life.


Now, it may seem strange to those reading this, but I am not possessive of my dream. I am happy to share it with you and help you find a stay that perfectly suits your interests.


And above all, if you have a story to tell, I will be happy to listen to you.


Whit heart, Franca M.


Letter for Guests

Welcome, this is our brief introduction to the apartments and villas we offer.


First of all, we would like to thank you because if you decide to book one of our accommodations, we will do our best to guarantee you a pleasant, safe and satisfying stay that lives up to your expectations.


We understand that booking in faraway places may bring some concerns, but with this letter we want to reassure you.


All our apartments are located in the magnificent peninsula of Samana, and if you don't know it yet, it will be a fantastic surprise for you.


Samana will enchant you with its crystal clear waters, its vast expanses of green palm trees and its rich vegetation. It is a magical place that offers much entertainment, relax and discovery.


Our accommodations are equipped with all the comforts to make your stay unforgettable. You will find air conditioning, garden, patio, 4K smart TV, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower and / or whirlpool tub, swimming pool, private beach and welcome kit upon arrival.


In addition, for digital nomads, all our apartments have Wi-Fii and digital workspace, to find perfect balance between work and vacation.


If you are sports enthusiasts, we speak the same language! For sports lovers, there couldn't be a better place: surfing, snorkeling, sunset runs, yoga, jumping rope at sunrise, cycling, quad biking, zip lining, hiking and visiting the 7 beaches. All these activities and more can be enjoyed here in Samana.


But we don't want to go into too much detail. Just know that both me and my co-host will be at your complete disposal to make your dream vacation come true, sharing authentic tips and experiences as real locals.

What more can we say? We look forward to welcoming you.


See you soon, Franca 

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